25 November 2014


Life moves so fast.. Come to think of it, it just feels like this happened just yesterday...oh no no, it was a few years ago...and like this life moves on.. So many things happened since the last time I penned. Sister got married, Made new friends, few friends moved places, few have kids, many new things learnt, so many old things forgotten..few deliberate few just passed...Meanwhile I took up a new interest- "SOAP"

I started making soap and thoroughly enjoying making so many kinds. Life seems interesting with this new hobby. I have always been interested in "chemistry" aa aan it isn't just the chemistry of relationships but the science.
I like the very fact that chemicals bond and rebond giving birth to new bonds.

I was just browsing through looking for information on chemistry, also, on painting and paints. i was on lookout for hobby classes. I'm actually getting quite bored sitting at home after sister's marriage. While flipping through the pages I found an interesting link to soap making. I hadn't the least idea of making soaps at home. I always thought it was factory made. booom! here I'm making wonderful soaps and people who use it are all praises. Feels nice...
That's how I got the idea. I flipped through few chemistry books contacted few people and had the inherent urge to do it.

Its been a while practicing and trying it out on every other person I meet. Initially it was quite overwhelming to find a lot of information and options to begin with. Gradually with all kinds of trial and error I can now say I'm happy with the outcome. The feedback received from people I try it on encourages me to do it a lot...

I also tried my hands on bath salts and bath bombs. Tried it on myself, family and friends and their friends and the circle just grew. Superb reviews on it. Each time I made it, it turned better. Its amazing...

Now, I have begun customizing it according to need and requirement.

I love the goat milk soap for my skin and my family's. It feels very smooth, nourished and radiant. Its another thing I have been blessed with good skin, touch wood ;-) but to take care of the blessing- this helps!


Bath Salts

Bath Bombs

Many people ask me what exactly is bath bomb? How to use it:

Most importantly its sheer fun and very relaxing. You'll start enjoying your daily routine bath and it would no more be a routine but an experience in itself whether you are 2 or 92 years.. Bath bombs fizz and foam, dissolving in a flurry of color and bubbles within 2-4 minutes, depending on the size of the bomb. Some bath bombs also change your water to different colors, and children will LOVE the fragrance and the whole experience.

Guaranteed Soft skin : The ingredients in bath bombs gives your skin a massaging effect, soothing it by scrubbing off the dead skin and making it smoother and softer. It softens the water in which you are taking bath and hence the water becomes more gentler on your skin. My customers after using the bath bombs compare it to silk. A customer said "my skin feels like silk after using your mini bombs"(she used her term-mini bomb for bath bombs  )

It is a good moisturiser Bathing in hot water can rip your skin off of essential oils and make it feel dry and scaly. Our bath bombs have special natural ingredients to keep your skin moist and radiant by nourishing it.

Fragrance: who doesn't love to smell good and people love being around others who smell nice. Bath bombs keep you fresh and you smell wonderful all through the day. Bath bombs make your whole bathing experience a fragrant one.. Your bath room too shall smell good after you leave it... It enhances your mood and keeps your fresh. The bombs soothe your senses, the fragrance soothes your mind.

Tightens skin and influences the mood.

I highly recommend you use IVORY bath bombs to know more benefits. I recommend you use IVORY bath products as they are very natural and chemical free. They are made of all natural products and are free of parabens, no phthalates, and no yucky stuff that your skin will hate you for..

Bath bombs also have therapeutic effects on mind and body. They please all your senses and relieves you of your daily fatigue and prepares you for your busy day.
Also, it gives you a feel of luxury. The luxury of indulging and its something you do for yourself and that would make you happy.

Using IVORY product your skin will fall in love with you over and over daily... Please try one out, and let me know about your bath bomb experience! I look forward to hearing from you.

How to use them?

 Just drop one bath bomb in your bucket of water or if you use a bathtub you can add up another bomb. It shall fizz in 2-3 minutes. Sometimes changing the colour of the water. They have a great color and smell...hmm...and they tend to look slightly granular up close. get into the bath tub or use the hot water from the same tub you added the bath bomb. Enjoy the wonderfully relaxing fizz of the bomb!